Steph bumps into Gilly and suggesting a drink they go to The Dog. But she’s left reeling when she discovers Cheryl’s pregnant. Gilly then admits that’s he’s terrified about is his first dance at the wedding. Steph hauls him to his feet, and they soon find themselves gazing into each other’s eyes.

Neville and Suzanne plan a day at the beach to celebrate Hannah’s homecoming from hospital. Duncan’s disappointed not to be included, and Rhys won’t change his mind. Arriving at the beach takes its toll on Hannah, and while Josh, Neville and Suzanne head down to the sea, a stubborn Hannah stays put in the car.

Hannah finally joins her family and makes it down to the sea. Neville suggests they get the sandcastle gear from the car, but he suddenly realises that he’s left it all behind in the Dog. Then Rhys arrives with the buckets and spades. As they prepare to toast the reconciliation, Hannah announces that she wants out of Hollyoaks.

Also; Mercedes snuggles up with Malachy, all thoughts of the Loft a million miles away. Malachy takes a moment to tell Mercedes that he’s been saving up so they can get their own place. A guilty Mercedes struggles to give him the enthusiasm he needs.

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