Steph and Greg are caught out!

Dr Olenski arrives to treat Charlie in emergency. When Libby shows up to support Steph, she sees Greg and confronts him, telling him to leave Steph alone as she doesn’t want to pick up the pieces of her messed-up life! Steph is furious when she hears this and can’t believe how Libby really feels about her.

Steph chases Greg outside of the hospital to apologise for Libby’s outburst, and when Greg tells Steph he is in love with her, they end up kissing goodbye. But Dr Olenski sees them together and there’s no explaining the situation. Later, Steph confronts Libby and tells her to pack her bags and move out of her place.

Mickey asks Callum why he doesn’t call Toadie Dad. Callum thinks it’s a stupid idea but tests Toadie for a response. When Toadie reacts the way Callum thought he would, it confirms that it was a stupid idea. Toadie can sense that something is wrong and when he asks Callum what’s going on, Callum tells him he wants a dad, someone who will be there for him forever. So Toadie draws up a contract to agree to be a family and they shake on it. Cal is also given the final seal of approval – a nickname, Squid!

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