Steph tells Loretta that she’s actually really good for him and although Loretta gives Steph a wry smile, she’s still not sure. Later, Loretta finds Jake and they talk openly about their relationship. When Loretta admits she was afraid of falling too hard for Jake, fearing he’d break her heart, Jake assures her he’d never do that – he loves her. Loretta is delighted and the two kiss.

Gaz isn’t happy that Rae’s going for a job in Relish with Ste working there and can’t stop thinking about her at school. Des pulls Lauren up on her behaviour at school and tells her if she’d only give Gaz a chance she might actually realise they’d get on.

Also, Duncan tries to cheer Ricky up when he sees a flyer for Christmas celebrations in The Loft and insists it’ll take his mind off Anita. The boys comes up with a bogus raffle to help fund their entry fee. Tony goes all out to help them raise money and hands them a Father Christmas and an Elf outfit.

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