Steph and Mark give in to their feelings

Steph is anxiously awaiting Charlie’s trial visit. But when he arrives, things don’t go well when Steph wants him to go for a bike ride and he admits he’s too scared. She reassures him she doesn’t care if they ever ride bikes – she just wants them to have fun. Mark suggests taking Charlie for a spin in the police car and Steph thanks him with a kiss.

Tyler’s come up with a way to help Imogen realise that she wants to be with Daniel – by propositioning her. The move has the desired effect and Imogen later tells Daniel she’s committed to their relationship. But he thinks she needs more time to make sure he’s the one she truly wants to be with and suggests taking a break, so they can see other people.

Things are still weird between Amy and Kyle, following Amy’s marriage proposal and she decides to confess that she read Georgia’s letter. Kyle is astounded and he’s further appalled when she tells him the letter’s been thrown out.