Steph and Max get closer

Steph’s impressed when Max invites her on a romantic date hot-air ballooning despite his fear of heights, and feels a rush of love for her husband again. Over at Karl and Susan’s, Toadie overhears them discussing how he, not Max, was the man Steph truly wanted.

Vindicated, he decides to try to win Steph back, despite Karl and Susan’s warnings. On a serious mission, Toadie ropes concerned Janae into taking him to see Steph. Janae tries her best to stall Toadie, but fails when Toadie drives off and leaves her stranded. But Toadie is dismayed when he sees Max and Steph kissing after their ride.

Frazer confesses his secret to Pepper, and she tells him he’s a gold-digger who only wants Rosie for the power and wealth associated with the Cammeniti name. Frazer insists that he truly loves Rosie – but Pepper won’t listen and declares her intention to tell Rosie everything. But when she sees how happy Rosie is, she finds herself unable to go through with it, and instead warns Frazer that she’ll kill him if he hurts Rosie.

Also, Susan is unimpressed with the new age Karl. He’s not only a near-useless house husband, but the neighbours are starting to complain about the noise his roosters make.