Lucas is shocked and betrayed by Steph’s news, and vents his fury by attacking Toadie. Amid the confusion, Steph and Toadie sit their families down to explain all. Lyn and Callum are stunned when Steph announces that, through supporting each other during their time away, she and Toadie have fallen in love again. They’ve decided to leave their current partners – Lucas and Sonya – to get back together. But are they telling the truth?

Meanwhile, Toadie avoids telling Sonya that he’s ‘in love’ with Steph and can’t be with her anymore. Will his plan to protect Steph hurt him in the long run? 

Kate decides to remove Donna from her life and dumps all her gear back at the Robinson’s. Declan listens to her rant about what a good friend she’s been to Donna and how she doesn’t deserve to be treated this way by her. Declan agrees, but suggests that maybe she should just chill out about it all. 

However, Declan is aware at how hurt Kate is and whisks her away on a road trip to cheer her up. Kate reads more into the trip, believing that it’s a date. When they arrive at their destination, Kate is disappointed to discover that wasn’t Declan’s intention at all.