In an effort to cheer Steph up, Toadie insists that she accompanies him to the party and manages to put a smile on her face when he plays a prank on gullible Ned. Later, Steph tells Toadie what a good friend he’s been to her, and the pair end up sharing a kiss – only to be spotted by Boyd.

Meanwhile, Guy steps up his blackmail demands by threatening Katya’s family, and a worried Katya agrees to come up with $100,000 by the weekend and not go to the cops. Later, she accompanies Ned to the Lassiters cocktail party and makes an excuse before slipping out to steal a car. Ned unwittingly catches her, and tries to stop her, but she ends up knocking him unconscious before hot wiring the car and escaping.

Later, Boyd is suspicious when he learns that Elle has hired a private investigator to find Max, and challenges her to explain why. Elle says she just wants to help, but Boyd reckons her good intentions are the result of a guilty conscience.

And Karl hypnotises Lou in an attempt to get him to overcome his intimacy fears through positive thinking – but Karl ends up learning far more about Lou’s love life than he expected.