Steph anxiously arrives at the hospital for another round of chemotherapy. She bumps into Louis and they mess around with his video camera, until she’s called for her treatment. Afterwards, she feels rubbish but she and Louis share a few laughs. Steph asks him to film her wedding and reveals she wants to make a video about her plight.

Ravi’s awkward when Jem arrives at the flat and apologises for not making it out last night. Meanwhile, Eva and Anita indulge in some friendly mother-daughter banter, but Eva spills the beans on her and Ravi. Anita’s appalled and storms off home.

Theresa spots an opportunity to make sure Tony and Gabby’s paths cross and takes Gabby’s phone. Back at El Nosh she positions the mobile phone as if she’s just come across it. Tony turns up at Gabby’s house with the phone and she announces that she’s leaving Phil. They prepare to take her cases out to the car, just as Phil turns his key in the lock…

Also; Charlotte gets the SU bar in shape for Heidi’s charity fashion show and they enjoy some light-hearted banter. Heidi tries to enlist Mitzeee as a model. Mitzeee asks if Carl will be there and is suddenly optimistic about what lies ahead.

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