Cheryl realises Gilly is in love with Steph. Running into Steph and Frankie, Cheryl confesses she’s split up with Gilly and that she’s not pregnant. Frankie’s intrigued to know the gossip; however Steph’s in no mood and storms off in search of Fernando. She braces herself and tells Fernando she can’t marry him.

Cheryl tells Gilly she’s pregnant to gauge his reaction. Aware that he’s lying, she cross examines him and asks him how he knew about the baby. It’s clear to Cheryl that he’s been talking to Steph, and not her, about parenthood. Her departing words leave Gilly gutted when she tells him she’s not actually pregnant after all.

Hannah takes the opportunity to tell Zoe and Kris about her plans for the future and her imminent departure from Hollyoaks. Before they realise, they too have decided to join Hannah for the ride. The moment comes to a crashing halt when Nancy arrives back from school and Kris is brought back to earth with a rude bump.

Also; Calvin’s surprised to find Carmel on his doorstep and he’s shocked to see that their divorce papers have come through. Both struggle to confess how they really feel. Later, Calvin offers Cheryl his shoulder to cry on, but they soon kiss.

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