Steph calls on Toadie for help

Unable to forgive himself for treating Max so badly in hospital, Boyd continues searching for Max, while Steph is preoccupied with the fact that Max may have given his wedding ring away. With Max’s court case looming, Steiger suggests Max may have done a runner to avoid being convicted on a serious manslaughter charge.

In need of support Steph rings Toadie, who flies back from Sydney to help, although he’s dismayed to find his house overrun by strangers and accepts Steph’s offer of a room at her’s.

Will and Frazer discuss Frazer’s gambling profession and Frazer encourages him to make a bet. The pair are pleased when they win $600. Later, after offering to help Janae at Scarletbar, Will lands himself a job as a bartender.

Pepper gets a job teaching Physical Education at Erinsborough High and celebrates with Frazer and her policeman dad Steiger, who warns Frazer he doesn’t like him and gives the couple the third degree.

Carmella writes Ned a letter, asking him to meet her at Lassiter’s to talk, but devious Katya intercepts it and Carmella is stood up. Later, Rosetta sheds some light on Katya’s deceit, infuriating Carmella, who vows to fight her rival to get her man.