Steph causes trouble for Vanessa and Lucas

Steph catches a hint of discord between Vanessa and Lucas when she sees them argue over whether Lucas is fit to ride his motorbike post-surgery. Steph plays on Vanessa’s fears by casually letting slip that Lucas has had a few death-defying bike riding accidents. Already terrified of losing him to cancer, Vanessa decides to make sure she doesn’t lose him to a road accident. She insists Lucas give up his bike – for good.

Seeing Sonya struggle to remember their wedding day, Toadie comes up with a plan to beat her amnesia. Later, Toadie realises how tough it is for Steph to be separated from her children and offers to help get access to them. It looks like their friendship may be salvaged until Steph discovers that Toadie has been planning a vow renewal ceremony and hasn’t invited her.

Kyle wants to speed things up with Georgia, while Georgia wants to take things slow. He takes delivery of the spa but is disappointed when his attempt to romance Georgia backfires. Suspecting Georgia won’t get involve with him until her work situation is resolved, Kyle develops a plan to solve the mystery of who took the drugs so they can pick up where they left off.