Max is stunned when Toadie reveals he was Steph’s first choice, and demands to know the truth, telling Steph that he wants to resume married life, but not as her consolation prize. Steph tries to convince him that he’s the one she wants but Max can’t see the point in continuing their relationship if she’s in love with somebody else. Determined to make her marriage work, Steph tells Toadie it’s over, and he bitterly buries his heartbreak in his work.

Ned’s gambling leads him to sink deeper in debt, even borrowing from his mum to pay off Stu. Desperate for cash, he guiltily steals from ScarletBar. Later, Ned ignores his cash crisis and offers to celebrate Katya getting a suspended sentence by taking her to the most expensive restaurant in town.

Sky worries that Harold is taking over baby Kerry’s life when she learns he’s begun to enrol Kerry in various schools, although Harold insists he’s only got Kerry’s best interests at heart. Later, Harold is angry when he catches her and Stingray indulging in some apparently ‘harmless’ kissing fun. And their games continue when Stingray informs Sky that her bogus artist’s application to create Janelle’s bust for Lassiter’s foyer has been accepted.

Also, Susan’s horrified when Karl suggests his rooster should stay in their bedroom overnight.