It’s Steph’s wedding day, but she starts to have doubts. Frankie tells herr that Gilly wants this as much as she does. A buoyed Steph picks up her phone to write Gilly a text, but suddenly collapses. As Steph lies unconscious in hospital, Rhys receives a call from Jack and wonders how to break the news to Gilly.

Darren tells Cindy why he didn’t want to attend her wedding; he wanted it to be him this time round. Later, Alistair gathers everyone at Il Gnosh and asks Cindy if she’ll still marry him. Cindy breaks the news to Darren and with her wedding back on, she’s in shock as he asks her to marry him instead.

Duncan’s excited but Bart’s disappointed when Jasmine texts to say she can’t make it. Meanwhile, Jasmine secretly changes into Jason’s clothes to meet Mark.

Also; Mark’s heard about Bart’s party on the internet and leads Jason and the gang into the house. Jason spots a family photo and the penny drops. He heads upstairs, only to be followed by a suspicious Anita. To his horror he drops his phone and Anita picks it up. When Jason’s forced into a game of spin the bottle, as he shares an awkward kiss with Anita, he manages retrieve his phone.

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