Libby’s having a cuppa with Steph and wants to know why she’s been so rundown lately. Steph tries to bluff her way out of it, but Libby gets Lyn involved as well. Feeling harassed, Steph admits that things have just been crazy since she got back but she promises to take better care of herself from now on. However, things come to a head when Steph collapses at the hospital. Will the fake couple have to reveal the very real pregnancy?

Zeke agrees to go with Mia to what he believes is her grandfather’s place. Mia claims she can’t find the spare key so they’ll have to look for a window that’s open. As Zeke’s about to climb through the window Skinner arrives with some cops and tells Zeke he’s under arrest for breaking and entering. A cop handcuffs Zeke and Mia avoids eye contact with him.

Karl, Susan, Libby and Donna are waiting anxiously in the prison foyer for any news. Karl can’t believe Donna didn’t tell them what was going on earlier, but Donna says Zeke wanted to handle it himself. Back in the cell, Zeke tells Mia that she should have been truthful with him so they could have done something about it before it was too late. Mia decides it’s time to lay on the emotional blackmail.

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