Steph completely misjudges Maria

When Steph overhears Maria arranging to meet a man in a carpark, she tells Luke that she’s cheating on him. The pair head off to the carpark and when they get there Steph confronts Maria. But when Maria reveals what she’s actually up to, Steph and Luke are deeply embarrassed.

Simon is determined to go to football and when Leanne tries to stop him he grabs her hair. She pushes him off and he stumbles and cuts his arm. Horrified, Leanne rushes him to the medical centre. But when Ken invites them both round to the house Leanne still feels the need to protect her son.

Lloyd answers Andrea’s mobile and she’s mortified when he confronts her about the record dealer who phoned her. Knowing she’s been rumbled, Andrea begs Lloyd to understand, but he’s gutted by her betrayal.

Steve is delighted when he finds Rover, but Liz tells him he has to return the dog to her rightful owner. Robert tells Tracy he intends to find somewhere new to live.