At the hospital, a nervous Toadie is relieved to get the all clear from his cancer biopsy, but when Steph gives him a friendly hug, he freaks out. Overwhelmed, Toadie decides the best way to deal with his growing feelings for Steph is to avoid her. But after thinking things through, Steph lays her cards on the table and tells Toadie her true feelings, suggesting they can be more than just friends.

Elsewhere, Steiger manages to save Janae from Rex’s advances but witnesses Janae attack her boss with a spanner in self-defence. Rex presses assault charges, leaving Janae in a powerless situation. Janelle is furious to learn of Janae’s predicament and vows to get revenge on Rex. Fortunately, Steiger stops her from setting Rex’s sports car alight. Later, after being prompted by Pepper, Steiger heads over to the garage, where he manipulates Rex into admitting he tried it on with Janae.

Rosetta continues to spurn Frazer’s advances, despite Carmella urging her to give him a chance. Later, after a discussion about first loves among the housemates, Rosie announces that she wants to sleep with someone by Christmas.

Also, the number 30 housemates surprisingly vote to evict a horrified Ned from the house, but he manages to find refuge at Steph’s.