Steph and Gilly find Mercedes and Malachy injured from the explosion at Il Gnosh. Steph tells Gilly to go and get help, when she sees Amy trapped in the flat and decides to go in and rescue her.

Steph rushes into the bedroom to rescue the kids. Gilly returns from phoning 999 to be told by Mercedes that Steph has gone into the burning building. Steph passes Leah down and goes back in to get Lucas and despite Gilly’s pleading, returns for the final time to get Amy.

Frankie complains that Gilly wants to whisk Steph away in January – she wants to spend time with her too. Meanwhile, Amy asks Frankie to put a card advertising her babysitting services in the shop window. Steph explains to Gilly that she’s accepted that her time has come and he’s overwhelmed by her bravery, they kiss as the fireworks explode.

Also; Frankie accuses Gilly of wanting to keep Steph all to himself but, as they watch the fireworks together, Frankie apologises. Steph tells Gilly she has taken care of her funeral, with Lee’s help and he walks out. She soon sees things from his point of view as he pictures having to explain to Tom why her funeral’s the way it is, without knowing.

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