Steph fears for Max

Max is officially declared missing and Boyd is overwhelmed with guilt for being ashamed of his mentally ill father. Steph goes through her last conversations with Max and realises her husband was trying to say goodbye. They call the police, who later find some of Max’s personal items abandoned at a bus stop and a tearful Steph fears that Max has deliberately walked out of his life.

Things don’t start too well for the new housemates when Will wrongly suspects that Frazer is being violent towards Pepper. The misunderstanding is sorted out, but life at Number 30 doesn’t remain peaceful for long. Frazer’s obvious interest in Rosetta makes her uneasy and when Pepper’s policeman dad turns up, the housemates are puzzled that he doesn’t appear to know his daughter’s fiancé.

Later, Pepper explains she hadn’t introduced Frazer to her dad because he is too overprotective and even does police checks on all her boyfriends.

Not best pleased to see Rosetta, Carmella discovers the real reason for her sister’s move when Rosetta confesses she’s called off her engagement. The sister make their peace and pledge to start anew.

Also, Bree tells Susan that Zeke wants a tattoo.