Steph feels betrayed by Lyn

Steph discovers Lyn has left to visit Oscar by way of a note. The poor warning doesn’t sit right with Steph and she challenges Elle, fearing the Robinsons may have something to do with Lyn’s absence. But Elle reveals that Paul paid Lyn to leave town and Steph feels betrayed that her Mum’s kept the truth from her.

Donna and James’s DNA test results are inconclusive. James explains there’s a more complicated test that could give them a definitive answer that are more expensive. James and Lucas have a run in, and he shares his concerns with Elle. Meanwhile, Donna tries everything she can think of to make the money she needs, but realises her situation is hopeless. She reluctantly asks Elle for another loan, but mindful of Lucas’ doubts about James, Elle refuses. How desperate is Donna to take this test?

Ben and Callum have left organising Father’s Day presents til the last minute. When their efforts to cook a special breakfast fall flat, they redouble their efforts to earn money for gifts. They prove to be a successful busking duo, but realise orphan Sophie is upset at having no Dad to celebrate with. They decide to use the money they’ve made to cheer her up instead.

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