Steph is still furious with Jack and refuses to talk to him. Toadie encourages Steph to give Jack a chance to explain himself. However, unable to get rid of her rage, Steph trashes Jack’s apartment and there are heartbreaking consequences for her…

Meanwhile, Paige is still full of regret over cheating on Mark. She tries to reach out to him, but he continues to ignore her calls. Mark confides in his brothers and both Aaron and Tyler tell Mark not to throw his relationship away over a stupid mistake. Mark takes his brothers’ advice and, when Paige reaches out, the pair reconcile much to Jack’s pain.

Also, tensions between Karl and Susan continue to escalate as Izzy continues to stick around without confessing what she wants. When Izzy takes Karl out for a coffee date, Susan asks Dipi to spy on the pair and see if she can find out exactly what Izzy wants. Will Dipi get the truth from Izzy?