Gilly wants to get their latest hospital check-up out of the way before he starts thinking about married life, while Steph wonders if she made the right choice by getting a hysterectomy. Then she gets some heartbreaking news, the cancer has spread.

Zak and Michaela play Jacqui the tape of Des’s racist rant. Michaela hopes it will spur her into taking action, but Jacqui loves Des and he hasn’t done anything to hurt her. She goes to speak to Des, and in front of a horrified Zak and Michaela, he asks Jacqui to marry him.

The Costellos are surprised when daughter Jasmine turns up on their doorstep. The family want to hear all about her time in America, although Carl is wary his little princess might have got up to mischief abroad. Seth and Riley wind Jasmine up, so she brags to them about all she got up to while she was away. When Jem turns up to see her, Jasmine’s unimpressed. As far as she’s concerned, Jem abandoned her.

Also; Kris is anxious about his new job at the bank, as everything seems to be going wrong. But the most hellish thing about Kris’s day is that he’s now part of the normal, nine-to-five rat race, his worst nightmare.

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