Summer and Natasha fight over who has been the worst friend to Andrew and try to work out a way to make amends. When Donna hears the pair bickering she tells them to grow up and reminds them that this is about Andrew and not them. Staring at his dad through the hospital ward window, Andrew decides he is going to get to the bottom of this and starts questioning his neighbours.

Sonya has finally got Toadie to have some down time when he notices he has lots of missed calls from Steph. When he connects to Skype Steph is online having had the baby! Toadie is thrilled and offers to drive to see Steph that night. However, she asks to be left alone to sort herself out. Sonya watches on, feeling sad.

In their bid to show their support to Andrew, Natasha and Summer draw up a list of all possible suspects and motives. When Andrew notices he isn’t on their list, they assure him they know he didn’t do it. Together, they start looking for clues in the Robinson house and Natasha comes across a DVD. It’s the footage of Declan sabotaging the scaffolding that caused Donna’s accident. Andrew grabs the DVD and heads to see Declan.

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