Lyn and Steph are outside their house when Steph’s ex, Woody, rides past on his bike and hands her his number, saying they should catch up. Lyn is against the idea, but Steph assures her he has done his time and is harmless and that she probably won’t call anyway.

In Charlie’s, Lucas sees Zeke chatting up a girl and decides to go over. However, in trying to help Zeke, Lucas ends up with the girl’s number. The guys then place a bet, whoever gets the number of the next girl that comes in wins. The guys are pleased when a young British girl enters!

Sick of everyone telling her what to do and believing she has dealt with giving away her baby, Steph calls Woody. She dons her biker leathers and the pair go on a bike ride.

At Charlie’s, Zeke is getting to know Poppy, the British girl, and her Australian cousin Ruby, who takes a shine to Michael much to the younger boy’s astonishment!

At the bar, Lucas accidentally bumps into Woody, spilling his drinks. The guys row and Lucas tells Woody to leave Steph alone. Steph tells him she can look after herself and leaves, with Woody in tow.

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