At the garage, Lucas smugly informs Steph that he saw Toadie and Sonya looking very friendly down by the lake. Later, Steph is using a tyre jack when she accidentally slips and knocks herself against the car. She clutches her stomach in pain as she tries to hide it from Lucas.

Toadie and Sonya are having a drink when he notices she’s still wearing the bracelet he gave her. Sonya admits she’s not quite ready to take it off yet. They’re enjoying a nice chat when Toadie gets a message from Steph: COME GET ME. URGENT. When Toadie leaves Sonya kicks herself for letting her guard down.

Back at the garage, Lucas realises that Steph isn’t in a good way and starts to help her when Toadie arrives and takes over. At the hospital, Steph’s relieved that her pain was nothing too serious, just her uterus pushing on her bladder. Dr Harris performs an ultrasound and informs Steph and Toadie that although it is a little early to be completely sure, it looks as though they are having a baby boy!

Sonya calls round to see Toadie and asks if he still loves her without actually saying the words. Toadie gazes into her eyes but knows he can’t allow himself to give in. He asks a very upset Sonya to leave.

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