Steph and Gilly reflect on the success of the charity pants walk. Later, at the hospital they meet Louis, who got the all-clear! With her spirits lifted, Steph heads in for her appointment and afterwards proudly presents the cheque to the hospital. Back at home, Steph sits Gilly down and drops the bombshell that her cancer is terminal.

India excitedly runs her business idea past Cindy, but she admits that without Tony’s backing she’s got no money. When Alistair asks to meet her again, she’s all set on declining his proposal, until he presents her with a diamond ring. With Cheryl secretly spying on them, Cindy says yes.

Malachy and Lynsey are enjoying flirting with each other, until they’re interrupted by Brendan. At work, Malachy is frustrated when Mercedes turns up dressed to kill for a meeting with a mystery guy. Later, Malachy hints that he might have a new love interest and it’s Mercedes turn to be jealous. Mercedes turns up at his house and questions a confused Lynsey.

Also, Darren asks Jem out on a date, but she turns him down and reveals that she’s enrolling on a course at HCC. He takes pleasure in announcing that he’s been accepted onto an accountancy course.

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