Steph is found guilty

Following the guilty verdict, Toadie works on Steph’s plea, hoping to get her a lesser sentence. It’s clear Toadie blames Libby lying in court for the way the trial went. Lucas visits Steph and tells her he loves her and that they should leave Erinsborough right away with Charlie. Steph thinks it’s a crazy idea but Lucas talks her into it.

Libby overhears Donna blaming her for lying and tries to explain but Donna doesn’t want to talk and leaves. At the gym, Kate and Donna talk about what Libby did and Kate explains that sometimes people do things thinking they’re doing the right thing and she should try and see it from Libby’s point of view. Declan listens in as Kate explains that sometimes people do things they wouldn’t usually consider because they are good people.

At Harold’s, Lou refuses to serve Sam and Toadie tells her to get out. Keeping up the act, Sam tells Toadie she was just doing her job and making sure she got justice for Ringo. Donna hears this and warns Sam not to say his name and that this was never about her job, or the law, it was about getting back at Steph and Libby.

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