Steph’s uncertainty, and Toadie’s fear of rejection, leads him to drive Steph away. Full of regret, Toadie tries to leave the hospital to repair the damage but Karl manages to talk him round, and tells him it might be best to give up hope with Steph.

Toadie convinces himself that Karl is right, and decides to deny his love but is unaware that Steph has come to the conclusion that he’s the one, and is heading to the hospital to tell Toadie the news. But Toadie rejects her and she’s devastated. Later, she tells an overjoyed Max that she wants to try again, although Max is unaware he’s her second choice.

Elle learns all about Will’s wealthy past from Carmella and decides to help the pair reconcile. She visits Will at one of his hotels and tells him to start living under his real name Sebastian Barnes and drop the poor barman act. Meanwhile, she’s still playing games with Dylan, and is only too happy to let him suffer, well aware that Dylan is willing to do whatever it takes to win her back.

Also, Rachel returns from her work experience with a new haircut, and a mission to win Stingray back. Stingray’s surprised but delighted, and the pair reunite.