Steph is worried

With Libby and Doug’s romance blossoming, Steph is afraid Doug will slip up and reveal Steph’s real dates but Toadie assures her that he won’t as he is professional. However, they agree that they have to sort the situation out and contemplate changing to a city hospital but as Erinsborough is close by, there’s only one course of action: change doctor.

Naomi is in Charlie’s when the guys arrive. She wanders over, saying her friends cancelled on her, and Lucas introduces himself as president of the Bloke’s Club. Ringo invites her to stay and she eagerly accepts. The others disperse as Declan takes Ringo aside and tells him that he just might have found the perfect girl in Naomi. Ringo has a big smile on his face.

Summer and Harry are tweaking Lyn’s online dating profile when she arrives back. An embarrassed Lyn thought it was just between her and Summer but Harry says he was just helping out and won’t tell anyone. Lyn wonders what’ll happen when her admirer finds out who she really is and that she doesn’t know anything about poetry. Summer presents her with a book to help her out. When Lyn picks the book up the DVD falls out. Will Lyn discover the truth about Steph’s pregnancy?

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