After being coerced into holding a charity gig for the Erinsborough Fire Service at Charlie’s, the EFS Captain Jay Duncan asks Steph out on a date. Not sure if she’s ready to let go of Toadie, Steph is unsure. But after some serious prodding from Libby, she accepts the offer.

After an exhausting night searching for Samantha, Libby and Dan discover her coming out of Lassiter’s hotel with Oliver. In the grip of a manic episode Samantha turns on Libby, telling her exactly what she thinks of her. Dan calls the Crisis Assessment Team in the hope of protecting both Sam and their unborn child. Dan, with Libby’s support, decides to stick by Sam for their baby’s sake, only for Sam to deal one final wrenching blow to their relationship.

Meanwhile, Elle accuses Oliver of sleeping with Sam and damaging their relationship, and she won’t listen to Oliver’s side of the story. It is only when Samantha admits Oliver is nothing more than a friend that Elle tries to make amends.

Concerned after overhearing Declan’s plan to quit school to support Rebecca, Paul offers to pay maintenance to keep him in school. But when Rebecca learns of the deal, she rejects Paul’s offer, crushing his hopes of a reconciliation.