Steph’s at hospital, when she spies a young lad filming her. He’s Louis, a 15-year-old on his second bout of cancer and Steph’s saddened to learn he’s been filming footage of the friends he’s lost. It’s a relief for Steph to talk to someone who knows what she’s going through.

The McQueens attend Myra’s cousin’s funeral. But none of them realise they’re at the wrong funeral until Myra stands up with an embarrassing eulogy. When they get to the real funeral, Theresa spies Bart, Victor’s son, and the McQueens offer to take him in. However, Dom catches him shoplifting and now the McQueens are stuck with him.

Des tries to find out from Zak just how much Jacqui knows. But Zak feels betrayed, he was grieving and Des manipulated him. When Des discovers that Michaela’s forgiven Zak, he realises he needs to grovel to get Jacqui back onside. Des warns Zak; if he loses Jacqui, he will take it out on Michaela, he finds Jacqui and feigns a heartfelt apology.

Also; Cheryl wants to buy The Loft but needs a loan while Kris wants to take Zoe up on a job offer. Cheryl gives him money for a flat in London, but it comes with a catch.

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