Steph proves her management potential

Elle gives Steph 24 hours to win back the Welles deal but warns that if she can’t, she’ll be fired. Steph puts aside dealing with Lucas’ admission that he’s attracted to her in order to save her job. She tries hard and works at apologising to ‘Hot’ Rod Falzon but she can’t contain her outrage at his continued sexism. She comes up with another plan to put Rod in his place and prove her worth – but will it work?

James is confirmed as Donna’s brother and Donna is delighted. Elle tries to hide the fact she is hurt but it’s clear she feels there’s little left for her in Erinsborough. With Steph having management problems at the garage, Elle has a think and considers giving Lucas his old job back, and makes an oblique offer to try their relationship one more time.

Lucas finds he can’t respond immediately, and things go downhill from there. And as the night of the Drastical gig arrives their problems take a backseat as both Drastical and James fail to show.

Paul and Rebecca have a short-lived time of enjoying life without Lyn before she returns to Erinsborough with a makeover and luggage. What’s she doing back in town?

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