Shocked by Libby’s abandonment, Steph urges Lyn and Toadie to end the family wars. Still in hospital, Steph is surprised to see Lucas who has come to tell her that he has spoken to Dan and he wants to be involved with his child. She is even more shocked when Lucas hints that had she told him the truth from the beginning, he would have supported her and the baby. However, he tells her that after everything that’s happened, any feelings he did have for Steph have gone. The damage between them is done.

Deceived by Steph and Toadie’s seemingly ‘perfect’ wedding, Donna’s determined to make sure her wedding with Ringo is ‘real’. With Kate and Declan in tow, they visit a wedding planner to get ideas. Overwhelmed by choice, Donna and Ringo end up more confused than ever until Susan reminds them it’s meant to be fun. Inspired, the gang make it fun. Until Ringo comes up with a controversial solution.

Seeing the stress Steph is under, Toadie pays Libby a visit. When he asks that Libby goes easy on Steph, Libby flips. When Toadie warns Libby to stop punishing Steph, she tells him she hasn’t even started yet. Toadie leave and Karl and Susan look on in shock at what their daughter has become.