Steph refuses to change for Greg

Steph and Greg argue over Steph’s close friendships with her male friends, in particular Lucas. Toadie sees Greg’s point and tells Steph that she may be a little touchy-feely with guys. Steph, however, is adamant she won’t change who she is.

Later, Greg flirts with a girl at Charlie’s Bar to prove a point and it only confirms to Steph even more that she’s not prepared to change in order to save her relationship. When Toadie questions whether she is happy with Greg, she realises that her relationship with Greg is not worth all the hard work.

Both Steve and Miranda have asked Bridget to have dinner with each of them. Not wanting to let them down, Bridget sets them up by arranging both dinners to take place in Charlie’s – but Bridget’s plan to bring Miranda and Steve back together backfires. When Miranda tells Steve how much she misses him, Steve tells Miranda he’s moving out of Ramsay Street, for good.

Lou’s fight with the photographer makes the front page of the newspaper. He enjoys the attention until an old flame turns up and casts a spell on him, saying: ‘Thou has been cruel to me and thou will have bad luck forever’. Is Lou destined for a life of bad luck?

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