Does Steph regret her actions?

Will Steph and Jack be a couple?

As Steph feels burdened by her kiss with Jack, he feels more confused about how he feels towards Steph. Jack confides in Leo, who’s perplexed by this attraction to Steph, but believes his friend needs to make up for lost time when it comes to ladies, due to being so committed to the church. With that, Jack asks Steph out on a date. Will she say yes?

Meanwhile, Aaron and David’s loved-up mood comes to a grinding halt when Mark sends Aaron a message to say their mother, Fay, will be flying in to meet with them. He still can’t quite forgive his mum for leaving and how her actions resulted in his father Russell beating him up. Tyler also has reservations about his mother’s visit, but Piper says she will go with him and give him the support he needs when his mother arrives.

The next morning, the Brennan brothers are preparing to be reunited with their mother and Mark isn’t happy that Tyler has brought Piper along for the emotional reunion. Tyler argues that Piper should be present and Aaron supports his little brother, but the argument is interrupted when Fay walks in. The atmosphere is tense between the brothers and their estranged mother. Will this turn out to be a happy family reunion?