Steph returns to Erinsborough!

Vanessa and Lauren learn they have a new boss at Harold’s, Steph Scully, but Steph gets a surprise when she learns that Lucas, her ex-boyfriend, has set up house with Vanessa and they have a baby together. Vanessa is worried when she learns that Lucas and Steph were still together and very much in love before Steph went to jail, but Lucas reassures Vanessa that he has no feelings for Steph. She visits Lucas and they bond over old times. Then Steph probes Lauren for the dirt on Vanessa and Lucas’s relationship…

Having promised Lyn she would keep an eye out for Steph, Susan hints to Karl that Steph should stay with them, but Karl refuses.

Lucas struggles privately with the discovery that he has testicular cancer. Karl manages to bring his scan up earlier so they can see if the cancer has spread. Lucas still hasn’t told Vanessa and lies about his whereabouts so he can make his appointment.

Sonya finds that Penelope has let the nursery go to rack and ruin. She takes Nell to work and tries to right Penelope’s wrongs, but she soon discovers that juggling a small baby and a small business is too much.