Steph and Tom return to the village but Steph worries how people are going to treat her after her involvement with Niall. Her worst fears are confirmed when Cindy tells her exactly what everyone thinks of her and she has a run in with Myra. And when Mandy joins the list of haters, Steph accepts Craig’s offer of a holiday in Scotland.

Jacqui has high hopes for a reconciliation with Tony but is left devastated when he doesn’t arrive at her house for a meeting about the Tan & Tumble lease. Having forgotten about seeing Jacqui, Tony joins Cindy and Russ at The Loft school disco. Later, a drunk Tony ends up taking an attractive girl back to his flat.

After spending the night together, Justin and Leila are confused about where they stand with each other. They decide to go out on a proper first date, and Leila suggests the school disco at The Loft.

Neville revamps The Dog, with Rhys keen to make the new pub as attractive to women as possible. A proud Neville unveils the pub’s new name, The Jolly Roger.

Also, Hannah worries about how the Dean will react after the embarrassing incident at the beauty pageant.

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