Steph ruins Lucas and Vanessa’s relationship

Steph discovers Lucas doesn’t know about Vanessa’s ex-husband and create a fake Facebook account as Vanessa’s ex. She sends a message to Lucas and when he tells Vanessa, she admits she was married. Vanessa later explains that it happened when she was only 20 and she realised it was a bad marriage, and left him. Lucas is stunned and tells Vanessa that the marriage is off.

Toadie and Sonya discover the fallout from Sonya having regained her memory. Sonya checks on Lauren, who blames her for what happened. Sonya tells Toadie about this, and he confronts Mason, telling him what his mother has done and pointing out this is actually all Mason’s fault. Mason talks to Lauren and blames himself. Lauren brings Sonya a cake to apologise.

Rani is holding auditions for the play. Callum is looking forward to using the audition as an excuse to kiss Rani. However, when he does his audition, not only does he not go particularly well, but Rani ends things before he can kiss her.

Bailey does a much better audition than Callum and there is genuine chemistry between him and Rani. However, Callum still assumes that he will get the lead role because of his relationship with Rani. Ajay advises Rani to cast the best person for the play.