Things go wrong for Niall when he realises Tom has pinched his folder containing everything Kieron knew about him being Myra’s son. Panicking, Niall asks Steph if he can look after Tom, and he and Niall take off to the flat, with Niall unaware that Tom has left his file in MOBs.

Meanwhile, Niall tries to engage Tom in a treasure hunt to find the file, but when Tom won’t reveal where it is, Niall gets angry and starts shouting at him, not realising Steph is watching. Niall tries to explain, but having seen the real Niall, Steph tells him she doesn’t love him. She gathers her belongings and flees Hollyoaks with Tom in the middle of the night.

Mandy and Louise put on an open day at The Loft to promote their new business, but things are awkward between Mandy and Warren following their late night tryst. When Louise turns up drunk, Mandy is left holding the fort.

Fed up with Louise’s antics, Warren tells Mandy that he wants to see her again and they agree to meet that evening at The Dog. Later, Warren tries to finish with Louise, but she begs him to give her another chance, and he stands Mandy up.

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