Steph sets up Sarah and Archie

Steph is still suspicious that Sarah may have designs on her and she invites Archie to a dance class to matchmake them. Archie throws himself into the class but causes chaos. Steph sacks Sarah from the dance school when she is falsely accused of hitting one of the children. Sarah gets drunk with Archie and feels miserable when he rejects her drunken advances.

Theresa lies to Mercedes that she’s not interested in Ste anymore. Theresa texts Ste and is gutted when she gets a frosty text back. Theresa spots Ste with Justin and overhears him telling Justin that she is bad news and too young for him. Theresa glams herself up as a last ditch resort to prove she’s not too young for Ste and when she turns up at the flat, Ste can’t resist and leads her to the bedroom.

Leila’s messiness is really starting to annoy Ste. Clumsy Leila attempts to help out in the flat and it results in a broken boiler and shelf. Leila cooks a feast and gets in the beers to make amends and Ste is won over – for now.

Also, the Cunningham Crime Busters look set to cause trouble for Mercedes and her dodgy meat scam.

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