Janae leads a protest campaign to prevent the council from painting over Stingray’s memorial wall. But when she gets word that council workers are already on their way, she blocks the wall and refuses to let them paint. The police are called but Ned, Mickey, Lou, Harold and Elle all stand by Janae. Forced to choose between supporting her friends and standing by the council’s decision, Steph’s conscience kicks in and she joins the protestors. The wall is saved but Steph knows that she’s lost any sway she had with the council.

Keen to save face after his public humiliation, Toadie announces that he and Steph are engaged after all, leaving Steph uncomfortable when she’s inundated by the good wishes of friends and neighbours. And when Toadie buys her a beautiful engagement ring, she uncomfortably explains that it’ll be some time before she’s ready to get remarried.

Declan and Bridget narrowly escape school thug Justin, but they are dismayed to return to Declan’s car to find that Justin and his brothers have vandalised it. Declan blames a hurt Bridget, who offers to pay for the damages. Later, Justin arrives in Ramsay Street and lays down a drag racing gauntlet to Declan. Will he accept?