Steph struggles to play mum

Newt refuses Frankie’s offer of a uniform and insists on wearing his Emo gear for his first day at school. He and Lauren end up bonding after she saves him from bully Tommo. Meanwhile, in a bid to prove she has maternal abilities, Steph agrees to babysit Tom and Charlie and fetch Newt from school. But juggling everything gets too much for Steph and it all ends in tears. Max is hurt and confused as a distraught Steph runs away while he is trying to cheer her up.

Nancy and Sarah enjoy hanging around with Summer, and she manages to catch Kris’s eye. But they both give each other mixed signals with Kris making her think he’s gay, and Summer giving him the impression she’s attached. Summer assures Nancy and Sarah she is single and available so they’re puzzled when she gets a visit from her boyfriend James.

Jacqui buys a pair of sexy knickers for Tony’s birthday, but the pressure is on when Tina and Dom realise they’ve got nothing for him themselves. As Tina vows they’ll think of something, Jacqui declares her gift will be better than theirs. The challenge is on as Tina announces that she and Dom’s gift will be far superior.