Steph doesn’t know whether Gilly has read the letter she wrote declaring her love for him. She’s heartbroken when she discovers he’s moving to Thailand with Jem and so Frankie encourages her to tell Gilly the truth. Her heart’s racing as she comes face to face with Gilly in The Dog, but she’s mortified when she blurts out her feelings in front of everyone and quickly flees.

Mercedes insists if Calvin wants to stop the threats he shouldn’t marry Carmel and marry her instead. He eventually decides he wants to be with Mercedes and the pair head off to end their relationships. Calvin can’t bear to spoil Carmel’s happiness when he sees her with Tom, and Mercedes has no idea Calvin’s going back on his word.

Des encourages Zak to go ahead with their plan to stop Carmel marrying Calvin. Before they can put their plan into action, Zak’s roped in to doing a family tree with Carmel and Tom, and forces Des to call off the attack.

Also; Rhys tries to get Neville to drop the charges against Josh, but he won’t budge. Seeing Josh so downhearted, Rhys gets him a job in The Loft. Josh is thrilled, but Rhys is concerned when he sees his brother drinking on the job.

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