Max returns home, much to Boyd’s joy, and he welcomes him back without question. While Boyd assumes Steph and Max’s marriage will pick up where it left off, Janae worries about Boyd’s naïve reaction, and Toadie convinces himself that Steph won’t go back to Max. Steph is torn and lets rip at Max for his disappearance, before breaking the harsh news that their marriage is over.

After being dumped by Carmella, Will plans to leave Erinsborough, until Dylan challenges him to stay and fight for the woman he loves – even if it means telling her the truth. Will decides to bite the bullet and invites Carmella round for dinner, where he reveals his secret – that he’s ridiculously wealthy.

Will isn’t too impressed with Ned when he catches him stealing Frazer’s horseracing tips and tries to convince him he’s not up to the gambling lifestyle. But their chat only serves to make Ned all the more determined to prove him wrong.

Lovesick Dylan declares he’ll do anything to win Elle back, telling her, they’re meant to be together. But she plays it cool, determined to make things difficult for him.

Also, Harold becomes increasingly possessive over baby Kerry, and Karl ropes Susan in to helping him with the garden, much to her disgust.