The following morning, Steph finds Toadie sleeping on the sofa. He tells her he couldn’t sleep and that he had an accident with the remote control. Steph tells him she saw him throwing it across the room in anger and she knows how he feels about Sonya. Toadie points out there’s no point worrying about what can’t be changed and that their plan is working.

It’s the day before the wedding and the day of Steph’s gypsy-themed hen. The girls think it’s a good idea to use tarot cards, however, the cards picked for Steph suggest a cataclysmic upheaval and a whole life crumbling down.

Later, as Sonya is packing the car, Steph pulls up and tells her not to leave because Toadie still loves her and the wedding is a sham. They go to Lassiter’s to talk more but Libby arrives wondering where Steph has got to.

Back at the hen party, Steph gets a chance to finish her conversation with Sonya and tells her the baby is not Toadie’s. But has Steph’s revelation done more harm than good?

Andrew doesn’t believe Harry when he tells him he has been accepted at the National Basketball Academy. When Harry shows him the letter, Andrew tells him he won’t cope on his own in Sydney. Harry is upset by Andrew’s lack of support.

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