Realising that Toadie is still sorely disappointed over the failure of his adoption plans, Steph tries to make him feel better by introducing a ‘little brother’ to him. However, her plan goes wrong when Toadie rejects Callum Jones.

Later, Steph is relieved when Toadie and Callum discover a common love of professional wrestling and they begin to bond. But Toadie gets a shock when he drops the boy home and has to face the possibility of becoming Callum’s full-time carer.

The Parkers struggle with Steve’s upcoming sentencing hearing. Unable to bear her guilt any longer, Bridget makes plans to take the stand at the hearing and tell the court the truth. Meanwhile, Miranda begs Toadie to change Steve’s mind.

Still dealing with the fallout of his argument with Carmella after he caught her with his hands in the till, Marco is unexpectedly comforted by his dad Franco. With renewed energy, Marco tells Franco he wants to stand on his own two feet and intends to leave the family business. But his resolve wavers when Franco gives him disturbing information, forcing Marco to make an impossible choice.

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