Lucas attends a GA meeting and realises that he has to take responsibility for his actions if he is going to change. He sells his beloved motorbike, and apologises to Steph for all that’s gone wrong between them. Steph accepts his apology, and later tells Libby how impressed she is with the steps Lucas is taking. But Libby can see what’s really going on and when she pushes the point, Steph vows she’s determined not to fall harder for Lucas.

Declan and Ringo head off on the trip from Paul and Rebecca. The boys are initially thrown to find themselves in the honeymoon suite of a swanky spa resort, but Ringo is determined to make sure Declan has a good time. However, Declan then finds Bridget’s birthday present…

Babysitting India while Declan is away pushes all of Zeke’s anxiety buttons, and he becomes increasingly concerned about India’s welfare. But when Harry accuses him of being weird when he obsessively checks the brakes on India’s pram, Zeke hotly denies there’s anything wrong. Later though, he has a terrible dream that India’s brakes are not on and the baby and pram get away from him, heading straight on to a main road. Will he finally have to admit to himself that something is wrong?

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