Celebrity Big Brother star, Stephanie Beacham, guest-stars in this week’s Casualty as Monica, a tough-talking career woman who’s rushed into Holby ED after getting an electric shock from a light fitting. And it’s soon clear that Monica’s not going to be an easy patient…

She’s patronising to Ruth, and treats her friend and admirer Jerry (played by Doctors’ Stephen Boxer) like a servant, ordering him to fetch her belongings from home. Ruth discovers that Jerry’s also had an electric shock but seems fine – until Monica reveals that he has a pacemaker. Ruth immediately realises the shock could have damaged the device and that Jerry’s in serious danger.

Elsewhere, Yuki is distraught over the botched medical procedure which seemed to break patient Nikki’s neck last week. He’s anxious to get to the bottom of the events because he can’t believe he got things so wrong. Overcome with guilt, May confesses to him that she was actually at fault and she might have accidentally injured the patient before Yuki started treating her. Yuki’s stunned that she lied to him – but when she says she will confess everything to their senior medic, Jordan, he agrees to stand by her even if it means sacrificing his career and starting a new life with her elsewhere.

But when May stands in front of Jordan, she bottles it and says nothing!