Steph’s attitude leads to problems

When Jasmine suspects that fight-club ringleader Paul Langley is being abused she raises her concerns with Steph – but Steph’s too busy to listen, she’s got a musical to organise and her sights firmly set on Matt. Jasmine’s suspicions are confirmed when Eddie finds Paul after a beating.

Desperate to stand up to his violent uncle Dermott, Paul steals a knife and heads home to confront him. Jack and Eddie take the matter into their own hands and hurry after Paul to try and stop him. When Steph’s lack of attention to Paul is exposed, Jack gives Steph an ultimatum: shape up or ship out!

Elsewhere, Brett gives Chlo extra French tuition – and it soon becomes clear that they’ve got more than studying on their minds. And Aleesha and Danielle tell Karla she should audition for the musical.