Steph’s distressed by Max’s state

Max endures a dreadful night at the psychiatric hospital and Steph is distressed to find him a shadow of his former self.

Max undergoes his first therapy session with Paul’s psychiatrist and, certain that his recent actions are not those of a sane man, is angry when the shrink discounts mental illness. But later, during Steph’s visit, it becomes apparent that Max’s version of reality has become a little skewed. Have recent events driven Max insane?

Carmella decides to confront the couple who adopted her cousin Teresa’s baby and ends up pleading with the baby’s adoptive mum to allow her cousin some form of contact with the tot. But she’s shocked to learn that the baby is dead.

Ned attempts to teach Katya to ride a bicycle and the two get closer. But when Ned sees Carmella in a state, he leaves Katya’s flat to comfort her. When he comes back, Katya queries Ned’s need to pursue damsels in distress and questions whether they should take their blossoming relationship any further.

Paul tells Lyn he’ll mind Oscar for the day and buys up some quality toys for the toddler, but he’s not interested, leaving Paul with a challenge on his hands.

Also, Zeke’s ongoing reputation as Erinsborough’s answer to P Diddy finally gets him a spot in the Dingoes squad.