As she and Jay look around the cabin, Steph begins to feel increasingly nervous after reading the newspaper articles Toadie gave her. She ends up showing Jay the articles and asks him why he has only saved blonde mothers from fires. He replies he has saved lots of different types of people but blondes sell more newspapers.

Steph is temporarily reassured and is thrilled when Jay presents her with a pair of earrings. As Steph goes to try the earrings on, Jay goes through her bag and puts her car keys in his pocket. Alarms bells start to ring when Steph sees that wires have been cut in her car engine…

Meanwhile, Toadie worries that Steph isn’t answering her phone and he and Nicola find Jay’s laptop and soon find photographs of blonde women and kids Jay has saved in the past. They track down one of the woman – Madeleine, who tells them she remembers Jay had a cabin in the Macedon ranges and there was a fruit stall nearby. Toadie calls a source and manages to find the address.

Also, the school is divided over how to deal with Bridget and Declan’s constant kissing.